I promised more video posts, right? Well here's one more. That should at least satisfy my promise, right? And any others I post are just icing on the cake? Right? Right?

So... what's on tap this week? That would be my "support" experience with Time Warner Cable.

I at least have to preface this by saying that they eventually did resolve my issue. And they only took the lesser part of 2 months to do it! Overall the support experience was incredibly frustrating most of the time and felt like either nothing was being accomplished or they were purposely annoying the shit out of me.

Whether it was resetting my password without consulting me (HUGE no-no) or having 2 techs come by my apartment when the problem very obviously was not with my box or the line... I personally feel that it could have been handled better. And to sum up my frustrations, I made a little video... using the super cool toys over at Xtranormal!

Keep in mind that this does not directly represent my experiences with TWC... just my overall impression of having to call for support. So kick back and enjoy!

I have another video in waiting that I'll share eventually and I'm trying to put together another one. You may see a new video or two pop up every once in a while... provided I can find a decent topic and whip up a decent script for it. Most of these are done on the fly anyway though.

PS. You can probably catch all of the back-story on this one in the "related posts" just below this.

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