Yes, you need to file your taxes EVERY year. Even if you're a rich celebrity. Some of them seem to forget that on occasion.

Anyway, yes, the near year brings with it, tax filings of joy (or pain, depending on your situation). Typically mine are not too shabby. Not fantastic... I'd always love more money. But I'm happy to get what I do.

This year had a huge variable surrounding my filings... I sold stock last year. Not a lot. Something like 100+ shares. That ended up getting me just shy of $2000 total (from purchases over the previous 3 years). That also ended up getting me a sweet new TV last spring. 🙂

Anyway, I really didn't know how that would be calculated because I've never had to deal with it before. All of the shares were just from an employee purchase program and the money was deducted from my paycheck AFTER taxes. So being a stock n00b, I didn't know just yet how that would affect me.

I didn't make that much from them though. The early shares were bought high and the later shares bought low. I sold somewhere in the middle when I did - so it kind of evened out. I think between the two sales I made, I netted something like $50. And honestly that was fine by me. I wasn't "playing" the stock market. I was just using the employee purchase thing as another place to store money (like a 401k, in a sense). So coming out on top at all was OK.

Anyway... my taxes this year. I started filling stuff out last week I think. Maybe before. I always save my end of year paystub with the YTD numbers on it for this reason. I've gotten to the point where I can calculate the numbers to enter into the tax form from my paystub instead of having to wait until my W2 arrives (usually late). This, plus my student loan interest and checking account interest are available online, means that I don't have to wait for anything to be mailed.

I was going to wait for my stock paperwork to be mailed, but I found the numbers that I needed online as well... yay!

Now all I'm going to do is review everything one more time tonight and then hit the Submit button. Usually when I'm able to file this early, I get my refund in something like 2 weeks. Usually less (this is usually the time I check my archive for last year's tax posts and find out when I filed and when I received the money via blog posts... brb). Looks like 2009 was 6 or 7 days and 2010 was 7 or 8 days until my refund was deposited.

Things are looking up!

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