My RemoteDVR is finally working. As I tweeted, 7 weeks, many phone calls, lots of frustrated tweets, a few chat sessions, and multiple supervisors later... my RemoteDVR does finally work.

Still no clue what may have been the "root cause" ... but I suppose the fact that it works now is all that matters. What finally did it? They deleted the account and recreated it. I guess that was enough. Whatever problem there was with the other account did not resurface with the new one.

Why they didn't try that back in November, I have no idea. But whatever I guess. It works. I'm done.

In semi-related news, my TV also seems to be fixed.

I didn't really publicize that one too much - but the basic idea was that my 50" Samsung plasma had decided that it would take my viewing habits into its own hands and randomly turn itself off. I think it started a while back but was very rare. Just in the past few weeks it had started doing it more regularly and became MUCH more annoying. I could turn it back on but it would often turn itself back off again.

To me, it felt like something was overheating. Seemed to take a while to actually happen (sometimes 3-4 hours) and wouldn't want to stay on after I tried to turn it back on. That felt like an overheating component.

So how did Samsung's support stack up? Well, their chat support and support site were less than stellar. More so because they just kept giving out the "wrong" info. That is, I had to have my serial number updated on my online account before I could place a service request... I had chatted with someone to make that change and she said she did. Then said for me to check it on my online account. No change.

Then she said it might take 3 minutes. Waited about 5 minutes. Still no change. Suddenly the 3 minutes turned into 12 hours. Still no change. Entered another chat nearly 24 hours later... was told by another person that it would take 24-48 hours. Awesome. Waited until nearly 36 hours later and there was STILL NO CHANGE. Though each person I talked to confirmed that on their end, the change had been made. But since it was not showing up on my profile on the website (how the fuck?) I could not submit the request.

The last person I talked to finally gave me a number to call and talk to someone to submit the service request (why is this not prominent on the website?). Gave them the info and they were going to have a local tech contact me. I heard from him later that evening and described the problem as best I could. He had to think about it a bit, b/c apparently it could be a number of things. He eventually ordered a two parts that he said were the most common problems. Three days later he came by to install them.

That all went well and we both knew it would be a couple days before we could tell if it was resolved or not. That was this about a week ago today. It has not happened at all since then. And over the weekend, I'm pretty sure the TV was on for at least half the day - and still nothing. So it is probably safe to say that it is fixed.

Total time from first contact to fix? If I count all the stupid chat sessions and my account issues, probably close to 3 weeks. I guess that's better than the 7+ weeks to fix my DVR issues... but still not really "great." Once I made contact with a person and got the service call in, it was good from there. But the initial part sucked. Felt like I was being fed the wrong information every time I talked to someone (side note: that change to my account is STILL not shown on the website).