The idea of AirPrint is great... print documents/photos/whatever from your iDevice (running OS 4.2+) to a printer wirelessly. Problem is that there are less than 20 compatible printers (at this moment)... all of them from HP.

So what's a guy to do if he doesn't want to run out and buy a new printer? Well, when it was announced, I was hoping they'd be nice enough to include support for printers connected via Airport Express. I mean, it's another Apple product... sharing a printer... wirelessly... I kind of though it made sense.

Apparently the people at Apple did not, as even then, other printers are not supported.

So in come the people at Collobos... they now offer a solution for both Windows and Mac to let you print to your non-AirPrint-compatible printer from your iDevice. Their FingerPrint software does just what it offers... lets you print to your printer from your device.

I installed the trial on my Win 7 machine and was able to successfully print an email attachment from my iPad without issue. It found the printer immediately and printed right out. Also found the printer fine on my iPhone 4 (though I didn't bother testing the print).

It looks like the trial is for 7 days. That's not bad and gives you full functionality - which also includes sending a file directly to the computer or via Dropbox. But you have the option of selecting and deselecting specific printers/functions with the software. Thing is, I now have to use these 7 days to decide if I want to buy it.

It's only $10 for Windows ($8 for the Mac version)... but I'm trying to think of when I'd actually need to print from my iPad or iPhone. I typically use my Win7 system for any documents and editing work - so the printing comes directly from that. So while the price is great, I'm just not sure if I'd really use the software.

But that's just me. I'm sure many people have been waiting for this.

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