As a shock to pretty much no one, today Verizon officially announced the iPhone 4 is coming to their network. Specifically on February 10th. Get your checkbooks credit cards out...

I thought I'd take this opportunity to do a little comparison between the two. What would it cost me to move all 3 of my lines (and text messaging, data plans, etc, for an iPhone 4 and 2 iPhone 3GSs) to Verizon from AT&T. Worth noting: Those two iPhone 3GS users would require an upgrade. I'm not factoring that into this comparison though, because I'm looking specifically at the bill.

First... differences. With AT&T, I'm on the lowest FamilyTalk plan of just 550 minutes. We may occasionally come close to this, but really don't need to pay the extra for a higher plan yet. That is $50/mo. Add 2 additional lines at $10/mo each and we're at $70 just for voice services at 550 minutes. Verizon, on the other hand, does theirs a bit differently. They have family plans... and then they have family plans with text. So you can get a Talk plan or a Talk & Text plan. Obviously we'd go for the T&T plan. Unfortunately for comparison sake, these start at a whopping 700 minutes. And with 3 lines, it works out to $110 (which, again, includes unlimited text).

Text messaging with AT&T is surprisingly easy. It's just $30/mo for unlimited texting for the whole plan. So throw that in with the voice service and we're at $100 for AT&T...

That $10 difference gets you another 150 minutes per month... if you need/want them. We don't.

Data plans... These vary a bit as well. We don't use a ton of data - but always more than 200mb. So with AT&T, we are in the 2GB/mo plans for all 3 devices. At $25 each, that's another $75, bringing the total up to $175 at AT&T. Worth noting here: 2 of us could have been grandfathered into the unlimited data plan at $30/mo - but after analyzing our usage, it was worth saving the $10/mo to step down to the 2GB plan for both. The third device was too late for the unlimited and was required to get the 2GB plan. Again, not a problem.

Verizon, so far, is offing a 150MB and unlimited plans. Like AT&T was, the Verizon unlimited plan is $30/mo. So that would cost me another $90 total, per month, to cover all 3 devices. If you're following along, that brings Verizon up to a grand total of $200 per month. Ouch.

So let's take a step back... before taxes/fees, AT&T: $175. Verizon: $200.

Thing is, you're not just paying another $25 for nothing with Verizon - so this is not an absolute "apples to apples" comparison. That would include another 150 minutes per month and unlimited data vs 2GB per month. However... in my situation, neither of those are necessary. So to me, it would be paying another $25/mo for things I do not need.

One last side note... I get discounts from work on both providers. To put at least one side in perspective, my monthly AT&T bill with the 3 lines, text, and data, after fees/taxes and after my corporate discount is $174.01. Not bad.

Sadly, I cannot make a direct comparison to Verizon on final price because I don't know exactly how the math would work out or how much the taxes would be. That's all really kind of irrelevant anyway though considering I have no plans to switch. But there you go. 🙂

Someone wake me up when the iPhone 5 comes out...

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  • Ron M

    January 11, 2011 at 1:59 pm

    FYI, Verizon Wireless has stated in their FAQ that the data plan pricing is not yet available so any pricing comparison is preliminary for now. Also, there was mention of Mobile Hotspot support being available; again, no pricing mentioned.

    Another comparison point is simultaneous voice & data support on AT&T 3G, not available on VZW 3G.