Can’t Save Money

We were watching some Top Gear USA tonight... The one where they went to Vegas. Jen and I were thinking that it would be nice to go to Vegas sometime.

It's something that has been on my list for a while. I got to see Atlantic City once. But Vegas is a whole other beast as far as I'm concerned. One that needs conquerering. Now to just figure out how...

Flights? Looks like about $500/person, round trip for a mid week trip. Hotel? Varies... $100/night or more for a decent place probably. So that's about $1500 just to get there and have a place to stay. Rental car? Probably $500 for something acceptable if we want it.

Throw in another $1000 for food and fun and we are way out of my budget. OK, those are probably really rough/conservative estimates... But I'm fairly sure it would take $2000+ to enjoy ourselves.

So what's the problem here? Well, for one, it is nearly impossible to save anything when you have $8000 in credit card debt. Well, technically it is possible, but not really justifiable. Any extra $ should really be used tipsy off that crap.

And then there's the whole house thing... I hope we get this shit straightened out soon. A real vacation would be awesome some day.

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