Not only is my RemoteDVR issue STILL not resolved (I've all but given up)... but now I can't even enjoy the Showtime Free Preview Weekend and catch up on some Dexter.

None of my Showtime channels are working. The FPW is supposed to be from the 7th-10th. Today is the 8th. No Showtime. Figured this would be a good one to go into a chat session for. Surely this would be easy enough for them to handle.

Of course, before I even talked to someone, I did what any good customer should do: reset my cable box. This, of course, had no effect. But it was worth a try since that would usually be the first thing asked of me. Then I got in the chat.

The first thing I did was explain my problem and mention that I already reset the box. That, sadly, led to this conversation on Bnter. From this point on, I knew this was going to be a futile effort. As the ol' 8 Ball says: Outlook Not So Good.

But against my better judgment, I pressed on. The rep then "reset the signal" on their end and reset my box again. Five minutes later my box had finally booted back up. No difference. Still no Showtime. Ready to press on and try the next suggestion, I was then asked if I wanted to schedule a technician to come out.

Wait... what? This is just a fucking free preview weekend for Showtime. What good could a technician do? There's no line problem. No box problem. Of course, both of those have been verified in my other ongoing "issue." Not to mention that the preview only goes until Monday. Even if someone got here on Monday to look at anything, a) he probably couldn't do anything about it and b) even if he did, I'd probably only have a few hours to actually watch anything.

Thank you again, Time Warner, for totally failing me. I hate you.