Was just reading this story on Engadget about Android eclipsing iOS as the largest mobile platform in the US. My initial reaction? No shit!?

There are currently 35 different smartphones available in the US according to Google. And that's across multiple carries and manufacturers!

You know how many iOS smartphones there have been in total? Just 4. On one carrier.

Why is this even a story? Of course Android is going to top iOS in subscriber base. It has had probably 10x the devices available! Look... I'm not knocking Android. I'd actually love to try it (was telling the g/f the other day if I had the money, I'd add a line and get a 2nd phone just to play around with it). But the problem here are the news outlets reporting this shit.

Not once in that Engadget article does someone mention the number of devices available for each. Why bother? Sensationalist headlines always work better than the real thing (just look at mine!). Of course the story is taking hits in the comments for this reason... but would it kill them to maybe throw in a sentence about it in the main text? Apparently it would.

I love seeing Android do well. I love seeing iOS do well too (who really cares about BlackBerrys anymore though?). But let's try to report things for what they are.

Next thing you know there will be a story that computers running the Windows OS have a larger user base than those running Mac OS...

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  • Dwayne Kilbourne

    January 7, 2011 at 2:59 pm

    Great point… we need to look at the context of the data too. When / if iPhone goes to Verizon and other carriers, will they then write the articles and blogs saying how iPhone stepped it up and took back their lead or something? Sensationalism is an art that many reporters love to grab hold of! Gotta love it, huh?