In case you didn't know, there was a holiday over the weekend. At least if you celebrate some dead guy's birthday...

While not really religious in any sense of the word, I have always, and do still, celebrate Christmas. It's just what we do. It's not really because of some "lord" and his kid's birthday though - despite the holiday's origins. We celebrate it because it's what we've always done. We get together with family because it's what people do.

We give and receive presents because it's fun. And I take a lot of pride in my gift-giving abilities. I like to think I'm quite good at finding a gift for people that they'll actually appreciate and enjoy. Not just getting something for the sake of giving.

I was able to spend about $1000 this year on gifts for people. Did I need to spend that much? Na... but I bought the things I wanted to buy for people and that's how much it ended up costing me. And probably most important, no new debt from the whole thing though - so that's good. Do I get that much in return from people? Not technically speaking, but that's not the point. I like having the ability to get things for people that they need and/or want. So I'll spend what I need to in order to do that.

Some of this year's gifts included a Kindle for Jen, a new printer for mom, a Logitech Harmony remote for my brother, a Roku for Jen's parents and even an iPod touch for my sister. And I'm pretty sure every one of them were more than happy with their awesomeness. I put a lot of thought into these things, and I think it showed when people opened them.

So what did I get? Jen got me a few good things on my list, including a super awesome Back to the Future bluray set and a desk stand for my iPad. Oh, and I got some cash... which is awesome regardless of the occasion. We also will be getting a new Dyson vacuum (the DC-31 handheld) as soon as they're in stock again - courtesy of Jen's parents. That'll be a little something to clean out the car with and pick up quick messes. Suckers are impossible to find right now.

So... if you chose to celebrate some religious or not-so-religious holiday this past week... how was it?

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