Take a trip back in time with me... how far? How about a month? Back when I first had to rant on and on about Time Warner Cable's less than stellar support. What a trip that was. I did eventually get my cable box replaced.

Shockingly to me, that did not resolve the issue. It was worth a try, but did not fix a damn thing. And sadly, that only meant one other thing to do: call support again. 🙁

On Nov 24th, the saga continued... with another phone call.

Nearly an hour on hold later (no joke) and I think 3 transfers later, I was hung up on. You could not believe the rage I was feeling at this point. It is one thing to get hung up on by a support person ever... it is another to get hung up on after being on hold for nearly an hour and being passed around more times than a town whore.

The call back immediately requested a supervisor. This person was actually nice and stayed on the line with me and actually came back after she had to go speak with someone. She couldn't fix my problem, but was at least understanding and seemed genuinely helpful (more than I can say for half of the other idiots I talked to). I eventually was transferred to another Level 3 person that had to take some info and was going to look into the problem for me. Shouldn't be more than a few days. Thanksgiving was the next day, so I expected to hear back the following Monday or Tuesday after that.

Fast forward TWO WEEKS. I got sick of "being patient" about my problem and decided to call back and ask what the deal is. I don't get much explanation of why my problem is not fixed. Just that they'll look into it.

Oddly enough, the next day I get a phone call back saying that they need more info... specifically my userID and my email address associated with the account. This seems odd to me - I would like to believe that they could see this info IN my account. You know, since it is their system. If you can't see the IDs your users create or their email addresses, your system sucks.

I wake up the next day (it's Dec 9th now, btw) to a lovely email indicating that my password has been changed. Er... what? Yes, that is correct, they used my email and ID to find my account and proceeded to reset my password without telling me. No phone call, no quick email, nothing. The email that I did get was after the fact - WELL after the fact - considering that it was a generic "your password has been changed in the last 24 hours" kind of message...

Take into consideration that I have worked in phone support before. I have dealt with user accounts for MANY different systems. And you NEVER reset anyone's password without first confirming with them that you are doing it. At least notify them in some way - BEFORE you actually do the reset. To not do so is quite fucked up, IMO. Could I go in and probably reset the password again on my account? Maybe. But that's not the point... this should not happen.

I waited most of the day to see if anyone would actually contact me to tell me why... no, of course not. So I called back to let them know I was NOT happy with this. When I called back of course, there was no supervisor available to find out why this happened - so the guy had to take my info and have his boss (or someone) call me back about it. He at least seemed to agree that it was not supposed to happen that way.

The next day I get a call. She basically has no answer for me and is trying to contact whoever is responsible. I'm sure this will end well. It was a Friday so she said if she found out anything that afternoon, she'd call me back - if not, it would be Monday.

Of course Monday came and went with no call. I gave it a few days. Nothing.

Thursday the 16th now... I get a call back from the level 3 person. They need more info again. They need my username and email address again. For real? Are you kidding me? I explained to the guy how ridiculous this was. Not only had I been waiting nearly a month for my problem to be fixed - but now they're LOSING my account info. Makes me feel really safe. Reluctantly I gave it to him again... but yet again expressing my extreme displeasure in how this has all been handled.

It's Monday the 20th now. I still have no resolution to my problem. I still have no explanation of why my password was changed without my knowledge... and I'm still mega-pissed about this whole situation. Not only are their support people seemingly incompetent, but apparently their supervisors don't even like to give calls back when one is requested.

Not cool.

The sad thing is that I'm at the point where I feel like I can't do anything more. How many times do I need to call these people? How many times SHOULD I need to call these people? How much longer will it take for this to get fixed? Will they even bother to fix it if I don't call them and bother them about it? Because it feels at this point that is the only way to get them to do anything about it.

How about a test? I just changed my password on the MyServices site. Let's see if they notice and have to call me again about it.

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