The idea of remotely managing my Time Warner Cable DVR is very enticing. DirecTV has been advertising this for quite a while now and I was excited to see that it was finally coming to cable. So when MyServices launched not long ago, I headed out to the TWC website to sign up.

Problem was, it would not let me. I tried for about a week on and off before I could get registered for the site. This was after 2 online chats with the support people and then a phone call to support when the people I chatted with finally gave up and said they couldn't help me.

Once that was out of the way, I went straight to the Remote DVR Manager. So that was a waste... considering the first thing I got was an error that it could not communicate with my device. I'm definitely off to a great start here. I then tried the same thing on my phone - using the mobile version of the site (where's the app?). Same problem, slightly different error message. Time for another chat.

I chatted with someone on TWC support and she said she sent some sort of command to my cable box and I'd have to reset it (unplug power, replug power, wait). Of course, at the time, I was not home. So I said I'd chat them up again if it didn't fix it - but was assured by this person that she was confident that would solve my problem. Fair enough, I'm up for anything.

Went home and reset the box as directed. No dice. Not cool.

Fired up another chat and got another person. This person didn't really seem to try anything but instead took a couple minutes to "research" and came back with some canned message about calling their Technical Support line. Fine. Whatever.

This is when the rest of the fun started.

I decided to finally call last night because I'd really like to get this service working. I pay them $90/mo and I'd love for their advertised features to work... as advertised.

I got some lady on the phone that I proceeded to describe my problem to. She then proceeded to ask me to log out of the website and back into it and try that. Really? Because I haven't tried that? I just told you that I had tried this from a combination of FOUR different computers/devices with the same result; it is NOT a browser issue. Next she wanted to verify that their site was working (I found this out later)... but the problem was that the line went quiet for a total of about 10 minutes (not an exaggeration) until I was randomly put on hold...

This is where I started to get pissed. I was trying to be patient when the agent wasn't talking to me for 10 minutes and doing god knows what. I like to give the benefit of the doubt and assume they're doing something productive in that quite time. Though having worked in phone support in the past, I also know that it is VERY important to keep your customer informed of everything you're doing and not just sit there in dead silence for that long. So that in itself was VERY annoying. And if that wasn't enough, I was just randomly put on hold. My g/f knew this because I randomly looked at my phone and yelled out "WHAT THE FUCK?"

When the agent came back on the line (after 4 or 5 minutes) I asked to speak with a supervisor. This, also, seemed to be an ordeal. Apparently there was a queue JUST to speak with a supervisor (why was I not surprised?). The agent had thought that she told she was going to put me on hold (I assure you, I heard no such thing) and claimed that her computer had frozen... but still offered to transfer me to a supervisor if I liked. I really wanted to rant to some supervisor about their shitty support - but even this process involved her putting me on hold on and off about 3 times before she then tried to inform me that a supervisor would not be able to solve my problem.

REALLY?! GET THE FUCK OUT! FYI: I wanted to talk to a supervisor because this person was pissing me off and quite possible incompetent - NOT for them to fix my problem. I calmly informed her that the supervisor was a totally separate issue from my actual problem. While taking me off and putting me back on hold 3 times while waiting for a supervisor line to be available, she again offered to transfer me to a level 3 person (I think that's what she said).

I just gave up and said that getting my issue resolved was more important to me that speaking with a supervisor (mostly because I was losing even MORE patience at this point). So I was put on hold AGAIN and transferred to another group.

This guy was actually helpful... thankfully. Well, at least as much as he could be. He investigated a few things with my cable box. Ran some diagnostics. He actually kept talking to me while he was doing this too! He told me that everything on the box looked fine. Eventually there was one final answer that he's pretty sure would work...

Replace the cable box. 🙁

So that's my task for today... stop by the local office (it's very close) and swap the box. Then try it all over again. There are two options here with a new box... either a) it works and I'm all set or b) if I have to call again, I'm asking for level 3 immediately. I'm not dealing with incompetent first level support... ever.


  • TWCableHelp

    November 23, 2010 at 2:33 pm

    Mr. Kintz,

    Sorry for the frustrating experience. If you are still having issues after swapping the box, or any other problems. Please let us know.

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    Time Warner Cable – Social Media Representative
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