Thoughts on the TSA

I'm going to try to keep this from being some long, stupid, rant about what I do or don't think about the TSA... but keep in mind, these are just my thoughts on it. I'm not an expert in travel or the government, or even safety for that matter. I'm just a guy who flew a few times and thinks about things when he is pummeled with them from the "news."

First thing is first... Safety. If there's a chance that any of these things are effective and keep our pilots and passengers safe, I'm for them. All of them. If it is determined that they are somehow less effective than previous methods or even "just as" effective... something needs to be reevaluated, like, immediately.

The body scanners. Why is there such a problem with these? Yes, there were images leaked from them... but did you SEE them? Blurry, grainy, blobby... and still pretty private. OK, so that was probably from only one type of the scanners... but still. From the amount of people these security people scan every day, I very highly doubt that anyone gives a shit if they can see your titties. It's not like they don't have the internet anyway. Grow up a bit and just go through the damn scanner if you don't want your junk touched.

As for the junk-touching... this one is difficult. When I traveled this past summer, I never once encountered this (flew through ELM, PHL, PHX, OAK, SFO, and SLC). It is more than likely that the scanners just weren't deployed yet though - so I never had the option. My point is, I haven't actually experienced any junk-touching from a TSA agent.

What I really don't understand is how people can be so up-in-arms over something that they have to opt into. That is, the junk-touching is NOT the default option. The body scanner is. Don't want your junk touched? USE THE FUCKING SCANNER!

Now if you are unsure about the scanners (cancer? really?), you have to get "familiar" with an agent. If I recall, there was some story about a pilot who ended up in tears or in serious emotional distress after getting his junk-touching on. My first thought: WTF? Is this guy that insecure in himself that someone touching him IN THE NAME OF SAFETY humiliates and embarrasses him to the point of tears and an emotional breakdown? REALLY?! Has he never been to a doctor? I think it was an older guy, has he not had a prostate exam yet? I haven't, but I can't say as I'm exactly looking forward to it...

Point is... it should NOT be this big of a deal for a fucking pat down at an airport. Ya, it sucks. Ya, they basically touch your balls. But it's not like it only happened to one person and now everyone is pointing and laughing at that person. It can happen to anyone at these places... and everyone collectively feels your pain. So suck it up... get over yourself and get through security as fast as fucking possible so I don't miss my flight!

And why not have a laugh about it while you can... I'd love to see a contest to see who can come up with the best line to break the agents focus and get him to laugh while he's cupping your balls...

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  • Tomas - University Place, WA

    November 23, 2010 at 5:12 pm

    Yes, the WTMS or AIT is the “normal” or “first choice” procedure for the TSA, but remember even going through one of those does NOT mean you are free and clear…

    If the WTMD alarms or there is an “anomaly” in the AIT scan (a pleat or fold in clothing that makes a bright spot, a fastener, or even just poor interpretation of the scan) you will now be subject to the TSA Full Body Search (it is NOT a “pat down”).

    Additionally, around 10 percent are “randomly selected” for additional screening, which now is the TSA Full Body Search.

    Once your belongings are on the xray conveyer, you have passed the point of no return – if you are selected for a government grope you may NOT refuse, subject to an administrative fine of up to $11,000 and/or arrest under various local airport regulations.

    As to the TSA “Pat Downs…

    In TERRY v. OHIO, 392 U.S. 1 (1968) the United States Supreme Court legally defined the the extent of a “pat down” or “frisk” of a person.

    What TSA keeps referring to as a “Pat Down” does not fit within the Supreme Court’s definition of the limits of a “Pat down.”

    What TSA is doing is a search of the person’s body, not a pat down as clearly defined by the Court.

    At the very least TSA (and others referring to the TSA’s actions) should no longer refer to a TSA Full Body Search as a pat down, since it is NOT legally a pat down as defined by the Supreme Court.

    (ASIDE: Sadly, I’m no longer flying. I used to really enjoy flying, and do miss it, but TSA has destroyed that for me, and I am using other means of travel now. I refuse to be treated as a criminal.)

  • ack154

    November 23, 2010 at 5:15 pm

    Ya, definitely agree with that last part. Even without a court ruling, that is far from a “pat down.” The only thing left is a cavity search… and in all honesty, as soon as some retard tries to sneak a firecracker on a plane in his butt, that’s EXACTLY what they’ll do. You know… b/c that’s the logical reaction.