2011 WRX

2011 WRX Premium

I was finally able to place an order on August 21. Five and a half weeks later (9/27) I had my VON (Vehicle Order Number) and my car was finally allocated to my order. Just about 4 weeks after that (10/26), I received the actual VIN... that meant it would be a matter of days.

Seven to 14 days usually, per my sales guy. That's fine... It had already been over 2 months, another 2 weeks wouldn't kill me, right?

Thankfully that is a question that we don't have to answer. I found out today (exactly 10 weeks to the day that I placed my order) that my car arrived at the dealer and I can pick it up on Monday. That's less than a full week from receiving the VIN to picking up the car.

Of course, on Monday I have to go to the Credit Union and check their financing rate and get a check (if it's better than the dealer's offer). I also just got off the phone with my insurance to confirm the change of vehicle.

Truth be told, it's actually quite strange that I'll have a different car on Monday and won't ever see my Scion again. It's been (mostly) good to me. Will still be kind of hard to say goodbye...

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