Sometimes things are better done yourself.

Especially when you rent in a crappy apartment where calling the Property Manager and asking for something to be done is more hassle than it's worth.

Specifically, simple plumbing.

I don't mean running pipes and soldering connections. I just mean replacing worn rubber washers so that water actually turns off and doesn't constantly drip in the sink.

The bathroom sink faucet was easy. Replaced two rubber washers and now it turns off properly and doesn't drip. Cost me about $4 and a trip to Home Depot. All I needed was a screwdriver and adjustable wrench.

The tub faucet, on the other hand, was a bit more tricky. I was hoping to just replace the rubber washers like the sink - but of course I'm not that lucky. To start with, the handles wouldn't even come off. A trip to Home Depot and $12 later, I had a handle puller that finally allowed me to get at the actual problem.

Not satisfied with the condition of the parts inside (one washer was almost completely disintegrated), I replaced everything. Well, everything that I could. All new washers and "guts" of the faucet and new handles (considering the other ones were corroded on, why bother using them on fresh hardware?).  That was another $50 later. 🙁

More than I wanted to spend, but our sink and tub now operate properly and neither leaks. Now the next problem is that there is a serious leakage issue around the handles and the spout... and considering that there has not been any sealant around any of them, ever... water has continually gotten behind the tub wall and damaged whatever drywall or shitty wallboard was back there. Problem is that there's no point in trying to seal around these things now, b/c the tub wall liner thing will just push away from them and break the seal again.

The other problem is that there is absolutely point in reporting any of this to be fixed. We got gruff from the Property Manager when we reported MOLD to be cleaned up in our closet. Fucking mold...

We need to get out of this place.

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