Very short version of the background here... I have to go to Williamsport to pick up my car when it's done. I wasn't sure if Enterprise would let me drive my current rental (Ford Edge) there and leave it. Apparently not, I found out after I called. So I was able to swap it for another rental that I would be able to drop off in Williamsport when I pick up my car. This new rental is a Chevy Cobalt.


I honestly wonder why anyone would ever buy one of these. I mean, it is just awful. Terrible wind/road noise. Awful steering. No power. Etc. Etc. Thing is... there are some oddities about it.

There is no cruise control, for one. Perfectly understandable for a cheap car actually. But... there is a lumbar adjustment for the seat! Why?

There is also a feature that I wish more cars had... A three blink turn signal.that is just press the turn signal arm once and the signal blinks 3 times. This has been standard on VWs for quite a while... and sadly has not yet made it's way to the rest of the automative world. So what the hell is it doing on a sad little Cobalt?

Unfortunately for me I have to drive this contraption an hour and a half to Williamsport on Monday... with no cruise control. Lame.