Randomly decided to install a new theme last week. I kind of like it. It's called Filthy... hehe. There are actually two different color schemes for it - poop brown... and well, this dark gray/black one. The brown was just really not my thing.

One thing that I actually really like (and was surprised to see) is that the main accent color (logo/header, sidebar titles, etc) is changeable to any color with a single option. No more changing it 15 times in a CSS file to get the color you want. As for the color I want, no idea. I had tried my usual #FF9900 (orange) but wanted to go with something a little different. So #FFFF00 (yellow) it is for now.

Of course a theme change alone is not going to actually bring in any regular readers... most people don't give a shit what it looks like as long as it is legible. The biggest problem is content. This is where I really don't have a direction - but that's fine. I at least just need to be a bit more diligent in posting SOMETHING on a regular basis. I let a few months slip there for a bit and really need to try to prevent that.

I also can't rely on adding photos or things anymore for a while... with winter practically here, there really aren't as many opportunities to take pics or something fun and share them. Though I suppose I could finally finish one of my autox videos from this past season. People like videos too, right?