... since all of the studios decided to totally fuck Netflix in the ass.

This 28 day wait thing is total bullshit. I don't care what Warner Brothers says it is doing for their sales... the increase could be ANYTHING. Maybe they actually released a few decent movies recently that people actually wanted to buy? Maybe people had a little more disposable income in that time frame? How the hell would WB know?

Even if the 28 day new release delay IS helping, I still think it is stupid. If anything, I would like to say it has the opposite affect on me. Ideally (for any studio), the idea of this delay is to get people to go out and spend money on new releases since otherwise they'd have to wait a month to get it from Netflix. The thing is, these studios make me NOT want to buy things from them just for screwing over Netflix users.

I would rather be able to get a new release immediately from Netflix - and if I think it's a good movie and might want to watch it again, I'll go buy it. Now... it's more of... "Eh, I'll eventually get it on Netflix. I don't want to buy it and give these assholes anymore of my money."

Dear WB, Sony, and everyone else that is screwing Netflix customers, I HATE YOU.

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