Keeping up with my plan to stay in contact with my sales guy... I made another call this past week.

The last info I had was basically that a port delivery would come in around the 3rd week of September. They expected to have allocation info by the following week (this week). So my "plan" was basically to give some time for the dealer to receive the allocation info and call and see if my car is on it.

Turns out, IT IS!

So as awesome as it is to know that it is moving closer, it is still going to be a while yet. ETA so far is about the end of October. So that's another 4+ weeks until it gets here. I do also at least have some sort of info about it. I was able to get a VON (Vehicle Order Number) from my sales guy... I'm not exactly sure what it tells me, other than a specific car has been allocated to my order - but it's something. I may call Subaru and see if they can tell me anything further given the VON I have.

Hopefully in another couple weeks I should have a VIN... and that means that my car is most definitely near. Usually only a week or two from the VIN to delivery (from what I've read).

Can't help but think that it was a damn good idea to pick up some snow tires though... By the time this car gets here, I'm definitely going to need them. The plan may be that I throw them in the back of the tC and have them put on the WRX when I pick it up. Depends on how the weather is and how cold it is. The summer tires might be fine if there is no snow - but if it's like 30 degrees outside, the snows will do way better in terms of grip. Have to wait and see.

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