I literally just put in an order for my new car on Saturday.

I've already ordered things for it. 🙂

Just a couple things though. Most importantly, snow tires, from the TireRack. The 2011 WRX comes with summer tires only when new, so by the time it gets here, I'll need snow tires ASAP. I ordered a set of Blizzak WS60s (235/45/17) for $121 each on closeout. The new models for 2010 are coming in now (WS70) so I imagine they're clearing out the older ones. The new WS70s run about $156 or so for my size. So it's a considerable savings. I just wanted to order them before they were out of the closeouts... because the Blizzaks are top notch snow tires - but I don't need the absolute newest version to get a good tire.

I also ordered a set of mud flaps from Rally Armor. They technically didn't have anything available for the 2011 WRX as of yesterday, but it is the exact same body style (in 5dr trim) as the 2010 STI, so I ordered those. Specifically I ordered the UR flaps with blue Rally Armor lettering to match the car. I see that they have them available for the 2011 WRX now!

Oh... and I was at a car show yesterday that had a very new WR Blue, 5 door, STI in the show... It was basically the same exact style of car I will be getting. Same color and same body - and similar engine. It looked sexy. I can't wait for mine!

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