Consider this scenario...

Someone wants to spend $28k at your car dealership and has money available.

Do you...

  • a) Try to help out, but put forth no actual effort?
  • b) Do everything possible to accommodate and inform the buyer of options?
  • c) Just blow the buyer off. You didn't need that sale anyway.

Let's just say that if you pick A or C, I'm done doing business with you.

Yes this related to my new car shopping and a certain Ithaca dealership. As of this writing, I think I'm at the final point of my patience. Here's the latest problem...

It has been nearly THREE WEEKS since I've heard a single word from my salesman. That's three weeks that I've been waiting, with money in-hand to get a new car. The reason? "We don't have the accessory pricing yet."

Yes, that is exactly what I was last told as to why I could not yet order my car. I figured I'd try to be patient about it. I did start inquiring at other dealerships (which, if you followed my latest postings, you'd know that I have very limited success in that area as well). Nothing yet has panned out.

Of course I'm not just sitting around waiting for the salesman to call me back... this past Tuesday I left a voicemail for him since he was out for the day - totally expecting a call back the next day (why wouldn't he?). Well here it is on Friday and I STILL have not heard anything from him. Tried to call again and the secretary there said he may be with a customer and offered to put me into his voicemail again. So I left yet another voicemail. Though knowing that he was in the office today, I'm essentially making this evening the cutoff. If I don't hear back, it's game over.

And now, thanks to a friend that is also interested in a similar car, we both have sort of compared notes and there may be light at the end of the tunnel. I hope. So if I don't hear anything from the original dealer by later tonight, I'll be taking a drive tomorrow to hopefully put in an order and put down a deposit.

It's time to get this ball rolling. I'm tired of waiting.