By now most of you have probably heard about the deadly accident in the CA desert that killed 8 people. It was an off-road race - and one of the trucks lost control coming off of a jump and rolled into a crowd of people. There are various stories out there of it, CNN has one, Autoblog has another, etc.

Now  I was going to just let this go and be sorry for the families of those that were lost... it was an accident and probably should have never happened. That should be that... but this morning there was a friend of one of the people that died on the Today Show running his stupid mouth about it.

Let's get one thing clear... this is an off road truck race... not a moped race. They race big trucks, fast, through the desert, over jumps, and through anything they come across. There should be a certain amount of common sense that this can be quite dangerous. I think the danger is inherent in the activity - both as a driver and as a spectator.

What happened sucked. It was quite awful for the people involved and now for their families... but this guy on the Today Show... to insinuate that it was the driver's fault, IN ANY WAY is fucking retarded. I'm paraphrasing here, but the guy basically said these driver's have a "responsibility" to be more careful where there are spectators.

I'm sorry, what? Does this guy know that it is a fucking race with big, huge trucks going really fast? No, they don't have to be more careful, they're racing for your entertainment. You think people want them to just pussy-foot through some area because there are spectators there? No. They don't.

If you've ever seen an event like this (or Rally racing) you would see that people often get quite close to the course. It's part of the thrill, as they say. You can get so close to the racers going by... and in this case, people got too close. It was a spot where there was a jump and people love to watch that stuff. It is where the action is. But if you're not smart enough to put yourself in a safe location when this is happening, then it is no one's fault but your own.

Consider this - if the driver had still lost control and wrecked - but there were no people there, it would have been viewed as the most awesome thing ever. But since there were people there (by their own choice!) and they died, it is now a tragedy and IMO, might go a long way to shutting down this event. That would be another tragedy, I think.

If this guy wants to talk about the driver's responsibility - how about the responsibility of spectators and having some common sense? Sure, it seems cool to be so close to the racing and be a part of it - but if you don't realize how dangerous it is - for even a second, you shouldn't be there.

I'm sorry this guy lost his friend... but that doesn't make him any less of a fucking retard for trying to place ANY blame on the driver.

Here's a good example of how close people usually get to these things... this is a Rally video, but it is much the same as the off road racing is... tell me that in these clips that the driver's should slow down b/c people are there and that the people are not responsible for their own actions... go on, tell me.

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  • Robert Aitchison

    August 16, 2010 at 9:55 am

    Sadly it’s the American sentiment that when something bad happens, look for someone (else) to blame and then sue them. Personal responsibility is a foreign concept to many people.

    One of the reasons the WRC doesn’t come to the U.S.