There are some times when you feel like you're getting some sort of run around from people... like when you try to do anything with the government. The DMV for example, it just feels like those people love to fuck with you because they can. What do they care? They're just slaves for the day anyway.

Then there are times when you're just not sure if someone is fucking with you because it wouldn't make any sense. Like trying to buy a car for example? Why would they want to dick with you? They'd potentially lose a sale. Sure, they can be less than cooperative to try to sell you something else on the lot, but that only works with some people.

I've gotten such varied and wild responses from Subaru dealers recently that I'm actually starting to question if I made the right decision...

First dealer that I'm still talking to won't take my money or request a car for me because they don't have the accessory pricing yet. Why this prevents them from sending in an order for the car I want, I don't know. Just get it on its way so that it gets here faster AFTER we do the pricing stuff. WTF?

A closer dealer (with a shitty reputation) is another option. I sent an online request through their website to find out if they're ordering 2011s yet and how much one would be with the options that I want. I got two canned responses and no actual information - more than a week ago. Again... WTF?

I even went a little farther out of the area - about an hour and a half away, the supposed #2 Subaru dealer in the country would seem like a great place to start. I sent another online request through their website and actually got a real response back - but it was a bit .... confusing, to say the least. To their knowledge, Subaru isn't even starting 2011 production until November - expecting mid-late December delivery. Um... WHAT THE FUCK? I know for a fact that people are receiving their 2011 WRXs already. Like, keys in hand, car in driveway. There is no possible way that information is remotely accurate. Fail.

There is ONE dealer that's more than happy to take my money... and it is SEVEN hours away in New Hampshire. It's great the they'd love to help me out, but that just seems like an absolute logistical nightmare. And then when I asked how it would work (that I'm so far away) I basically got no actual information on what would happen... "Oh, we do it all the time, it's no big deal." Um, I'm sorry, but it is for me - and without telling me how it actually works and what to expect, you pretty much just lost my interest. I'm not going into something like that totally blind after I asked for specific info.

There is still ONE more option I haven't tried yet... but I'm afraid to ask them as I might get an even more different story. I have not yet talked to the dealer in Williamsport that I went to for my test drive. Maybe they'll be cool and take my money... I don't know. Like I said, I'm scared to ask. 🙁

You're killing me here, Subaru. I want to give your dealers money for a car - but no one wants to take it. That makes me sad.

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