Is customer service dead?

Three times this week I've emailed a company using their online form on their website... and I have yet to receive an actual response from any one of them.

First was another car dealer... they have a Sales Request form on their site. I filled it out asking about a price for a specific new car. I got not one, but TWO canned email responses saying someone would contact me soon. That was Monday. Fail.

I also emailed a tint shop in Rochester from their website. I wanted to find out pricing for getting my (eventual) new car tinted AND get some 3M Clear Bra installed since they do that as well. I got one canned email back immediately saying I'd hear from someone in 2 business days and nothing else. That was on Tuesday.

This last one is sort of a stretch, but here goes anyway... First thing this morning I emailed another car dealer through their website to find out if they could order a car for me. Gave my specifics and info. Nothing back yet (not even a canned response from this one). So like  I said, this one is a stretch as it was just this morning I initiated contact... but come on. Don't they have people monitoring these things?

Speaking of contacting someone and not getting anything back... my current car dealer (for my tC) has a parts request form online so you can order parts/accessories/whatever. It has room for the part numbers and everything. I used it a couple times a few years ago and it was perfect. I knew what I wanted, put the numbers in - and got an email back confirming before the order was placed. Then they called when my parts were there.

In the past year I've tried to use the same form TWICE and never heard a thing. The first time it failed I had gone in person to order the parts when I was there for something else - I mentioned it to the guy that I had tried to use the form but never got a response. I did it again about 2 weeks ago to order some more bits and pieces... still never heard a thing. Total fail.

Tip to businesses with websites: DO NOT setup a contact/info form on your site unless you have dedicated people to handle it. Or at least CHECK it once in a while.

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