I posted a bit a while back about starting to take apart my car and remove some aftermarket bits and replace with OEM (where needed)... I took a giant step in that direction last night. I'm not well past  the mid-point of my teardown. So much so that I probably have only 4 or 5 things left to do. And the hardest part will just be removing the wiring from my amp.

Last night, since the dealer didn't have the pricing available yet for me to put in my order, I decided to remove my seats. And the harnesses. And the harness bar. And while I was in there, my rear strut bar.

What a job... overall, including a quick run to Home Depot a couple miles away, and a short break for some Applebees chicken fingers, it took about 2.5 hours to put everything back together with OEM parts.

It feels weird.  I'm back to OEM seats and seatbelts. What a change. Though driving home from Jen's parents place last night in my "new" seats, it really kind of set in that this car is going bye-bye. I may be a touch sad about it... being my first brand new car... and one that I've certainly done the most work to, it holds a little place in my heart.

That's not to say it won't be kind of nice to see it go - in favor of something awesomer... but hey, a guy can have attachments too.

The next step though is to try to sell all of the crap I just took off. That money will then hopefully go towards the down payment of my new car. Whenever that will actually be.

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