After my first batch of test drives, there were an elusive couple of cars that were left to be driven. As of this past Saturday, that list has decreased by one more... and it was a dousey.

I went back up to Maguire on Saturday (while Jen was at some baby shower) to see what else I could scratch off my list. No WRX sadly, but they did have a manual Genesis Coupe (2.0t) in the showroom.

I should start off by saying that I had called on Friday to confirm they had one. The guy I spoke with (Mike) confirmed they did have one, but it was in the showroom and that he would get it out for me so it was ready to drive Saturday when I said I'd be up. Sadly, he failed in this simple task, and poor Justin had to painfully move a couple Sonatas just to get the Genesis out of there for me to drive.

Sure I could have driven the auto Coupe, but that's just boring.

Once it was out, we went for a spin. I was actually kind of worried that I'd look like a douche and stall it or not be used to the clutch or transmission yet - but thankfully it was a very short learning curve. One thing that became apparent right away though was head room. I had enough to get in and be comfortable, but I was thinking ahead a bit more... like, me with a helmet on. It would be close.

Anyway, we took the usual Maguire route through Ithaca, up the hill, to some back road, and then circled back around to town. Let me just say that for only 210hp, this thing felt like it had a bit of kick to it. Not crazy power or anything, but you put your foot down and you start to hear that turbo spool and your back is in the seat. I'm not used to that. I didn't even get on it THAT hard... but there was much potential there.

Now comparing to the GTI, this thing felt like it had at least 50 more horses... which is odd since the GTI is about even on power. Problem is that I drove the DSG version of the GTI and it felt a bit lacking. I'm still waiting to test a 6spd version, so we'll see how that goes later.

Even the interior of the Genesis was quite surprising. I suppose that's the point lately with Hyundai though... they just need to get people into the showrooms and give them a chance. They're all quite good cars. Things felt fairly easy to handle - with the exception of the door/window controls. They felt awkward where they were. Everything else seemed OK though. Frankly, the features and gizmos play a minimal role at this point though. I want fun. I want entertaining. I need a good drive.

I really think the Genesis has it. At the moment I'm hoping to be able to take it on a longer drive next weekend with Jen. Justin said I could probably take it for a couple hours to really get a feel for it - which would be nice. Cause then I could play with all of the fidly bits inside.

Interestingly enough, it may not be necessary. The extended test drive I mean... tomorrow I'm hoping to drive down to Williamsport and test a new WRX. It looks like a dealer down there has a couple on the lot. I'd like to give one a go...