It looks like any car I choose to get will now have to be a 2011 model year.

With the GTI I've already driven, Chad pointed me to a VWVortex thread outlining the changes for the 2011 MY... including 18" Detroit wheels standard. If you don't know what these are, they're THE GTI wheel. You'd know them if you saw them - even if you didn't know the name.

Also a new head unit with better bluetooth integration. And the addition of "packages" now, instead of options. So instead of picking out a 2door with the options I want, I now pick the 2door with Sunroof and Navigation package (which you MUST buy to get bi-xenon HIDs). Kind of lame, but it's basically stuff I'd get anyway.

Oh, and the price for all of this? If I priced it on a 2010 model, it would be somewhere just under $28k. But on a 2011, as a package, it is a bit under $27k. Good enough for me!

Even the WRX has some changes coming for 2011. This one was something I already knew I was waiting for the 2011MY - mostly for the redesigned body. They're taking the squared and flared fenders from the STI and putting them on a the WRX for a bit more character. I'd rather have that. Also you now get wider tires and a wider rear track for (hopefully) a bit better performance. No word on pricing for the 2011 though.

After all of this comes word of a slight 2011 refresh from Hyundai to the Genesis Coupe. This includes some (apparently very needed) interior refinements. This alone is enough to get me to wait for the new model - even without having driven the current model yet.

I'm hoping to get up to Maguire soon and try a WRX and Genesis Coupe... then from there I can hopefully figure out wth I want to do...