I have always thought that eBay's change to buyer/seller feedback was dumb. The most retarded part was that sellers can no longer leave negative feedback for a buyer.

While I understand that this kind of combats some of the "retaliation" feedback some sellers were leaving, what about the legitimate cases when a buyer needs to get that mark of shame? What then? An "unpaid item strike"? Ya, that sticks out. I don't ever seem to find one of those - even on profiles that I know have one.

As some of you know, I tried to sell my iPhone 3GS a while back. It eventually "sold" for $280 for eBay user: gold_finga. At the time he had 100% positive feedback (based on 40 ratings).

All of my auctions use the same general info template... and it says that buyers have 5 business days to either contact me or complete checkout for the item. After 2 days, I knew this was going to be a problem. Who bids on an iPhone at the very last second (literally, I was watching it) and then doesn't pay for 2 days?

Regardless, fast forward a few more days to me opening a Resolution Center case for him not paying. Basically at that point eBay tries to contact the person for a few more days and if the buyer still doesn't pay, you can close that case marking it as not paid. OK, that's fine. I waited a few days (four I think), still never heard anything, and closed the case.

eBay now says this guy will have an "unpaid item strike" on his account. Um... OK... wtf does that mean? Because if I look at "gold_finga's" feedback profile, I see NO SIGN of any unpaid item or anything. As a matter of fact, there is zero sign of my transaction at all (at least that I can find). And to me, that is bullshit.

If this guy is not going to pay for something - now there is no sign of him doing that. And if I try to leave feedback - I STILL cannot leave negative feedback - even though I have a legit, closed, resolution case of the guy not paying. So what good did the Resolution Center case do? Other than get my final value fee credit returned? There is still no sign of this guy being a deadbeat bidder on his profile. That's just plain wrong.

Stupid eBay.

So just a word of caution... if a buyer with the username of gold_finga bids on your items... cancel his bids and tell him to fuck off.