With all of this talk of car shopping and driving, there are some things I have to take into consideration regarding my car... and if I were to trade it in.

First is to take out anything I can remove... my Pioneer AVIC unit (which may make its way to Jen's car down the road), subwoofer, amp, scanguage, etc. That's the easy stuff. There's a bit more that I'd like to take care of before my car is really ready to go away.

The biggest issue by far is going to be seats. The seats and harness bar are going to be trouble. Well, actually getting them out will be cake. Getting my OEM seats back in and working properly will be another thing all together. That might happen as early as the end of July. Not sure yet.

Keep in mind that I still don't know when I'll be getting rid of my car. Sure, I've been shopping but I still don't know when anything will happen. Regardless, I'm making progress towards a "nearly" stock tC.

Today I removed my front strut bar and am now shopping around for the OEM engine cover to cover up my safety orange valve cover and tone things down a bit. I'm not going to bother swapping the valve cover - because frankly, the engine cover is way easier and cheaper. Then there's also the rear strut bar to remove - but that will be a while. Probably the same time I do the seats.

Pretty much everything else will stay the same (unless I can find a cheap OEM intake) when I trade it in. I'm not going to touch the suspension on the underside. The strut bars are simple enough to take off in a short amount of time and do not need any OEM part to replace them. Everything else requires sourcing OEM parts and the time/effort to swap them back. Not worth it.

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  • Chad Kacyon

    July 6, 2010 at 8:00 am

    If I were you, I’d start listing it on forums, Craigslist, etc now. Trading it in is much easier, but there’s no harm in listing it and possibly getting an extra couple grand from private sale.