In a very short version of what is going on... Apple just today released a statement that they have been apparently calculating signal strength incorrectly on their devices. That is why the drop in signal is so much more drastic when compared to other phones in a similar "death grip."

Personally I think it is great they finally just SAID something about it. Basically they admitted there is some sort of problem and are going to try a software fix to address it (so far).

What is retarded though is that the Apple haters continue to spew their garbage. Let's get one thing clear... I love Apple, but if there's a problem, I'm patient enough to wait for them to address it in their way before flying off the handle and pretending to be an iPhone engineer on the internet that knows more about their device than they do. Then again, I'm also smart enough to take a product back for a refund (or exchange) if I am not happy with it... go figure.

I'm not saying it's a hardware issue or a software issue. But if Apple wants to try a software update first, let's do that. How about we just keep an open mind about what the issue might be? If it turns out people still have as much trouble with it, it just might end up being a hardware problem. But in no way is anyone entitled to say "I told you so" because people DON'T FUCKING KNOW. If you didn't design the iPhone or haven't been working with cell phones and antennas and cellular technology all of your life, your opinion in this matter holds absolutely zero value as to what the actual problem is.

I can accept that it might be a hardware problem and Apple may have a large batch of bad products out there (many people don't have problems, so it can't be all of them). Why can't the haters accept that it just might be a software issue? Is that so hard?

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