Going back to my previous post for a few minutes, I've been looking at a lot of different specs and stats on each of the cars. I've actually now started getting beyond manufacturer specs and looking at relevant details that might become important to me along the way.

The first thing I added to my spreadsheet was the current SCCA Solo (autox) class each car would be in. Currently I'm in ST with my tC but it is actually an HS car if in stock form. So what would I be doing with each of these cars? Well, here's the list and their classes...

  • Volvo C30: G Stock
  • Mazdaspeed3: D Stock
  • Mini Cooper S: D Stock (finally)
  • Subaru WRX: D Stock
  • Genesis Track: G Stock (no specific mention of Track model)
  • VW GTI: G Stock

I was actually surprised there was such an even split. If you're reading that wondering why a 170hp Mini is in the same class as a 265hp WRX and 263hp MS3, you've obviously never seen a Mini DESTROY everything else in its class when it was in G Stock. One word: gokart.

Personally I'm a bit surprised the C30 is in G Stock as well - I may have to look up some national results and see if any of them ever run. It's got decent power and torque (227hp/236ftlbs) so I would think it should be quick - but I cannot speak to the handling yet. Interesting info either way.

I also looked at tires. If I'm going to be autoxing this thing, I'll want good tires - but I don't want to have to spend a fortune for a set of tires if I can help it - especially if they're only end up lasting me 1 season. So I priced a set of Bridgestone Potenza RE-11s for each car to see what I'd be paying. The RE-11 is kind of a random selection - I mean, it's a damn good tire but I may end up with something more budget friendly anyway. But here's what I'm looking at right now (this list may not be 100% accurate - but was made from what I could find)...

  • Volvo C30: $988 (215/45/18 - for R-Design wheels)
  • Mazdaspeed3: $876 (225/40/18)
  • Mini Cooper S: $692 (205/45/17 - for 17" w/ sport package)
  • Subaru WRX: $836 (235/45/17)
  • Genesis Track: $1006 (225/40/19, 245/40/19 - 19" staggered wheels w/ Track package)
  • VW GTI: $772 (225/45/17)

Quite a range there... the lowly Mini Cooper just under $700 to the top of the heap Genesis Coupe just over $1000. Of course a regular Gen Coupe would be much cheaper without the 19s... but those are the stock wheels for the Track package (which I would be getting).

So there it is... even more info to make my decision harder. Sick thing is that the $1000 set of tires really doesn't push me too far away from the Genesis. Guess that means my data is kind of useless, huh? 🙂

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