I'm not saying there isn't a problem with the antenna... but I will say it is a bit overblown. It does obviously affect some users more than others (I have no issues but know of a couple people that are affected). But what is the real course of action here? How would people that are unhappy about this send a message to Apple?


I don't understand why people continue to bitch and moan about antenna problems in a device they just bought when they can simply return the device for a full refund. Problem solved. Apple doesn't get any of your money and you can then get something else that will work better for you.

Whining about it on the internet to all of the news blogs is useless. I've even seen a story about a Class Action Lawsuit in the making already... WHY?! Why do people instantly think lawsuit? Have people not learned that the ONLY people that benefit from a Class Action suit are the lawyers? I mean that... as a user, in part of that lawsuit, you would MAYBE end up with $5-$10 worth of Apple Store credit - which they would presumably mean for you to purchase a Bumper with. How much would the lawyers get? MILLIONS. In cash.

What do you do if you're in the middle ground? Maybe you really like the phone but are just a bit annoyed at the antenna problems you may be having. In that case you should probably just be patient and wait to see what Apple's real response will be. Not the whole "non-issue" thing from Steve. Wait for the first software update. Wait until they make another statement. If you can be patient enough, there may be a fix.

But if you're going to piss and moan about it on the internet, no one (myself included) cares or wants to hear about it anymore. Then again, I'm thinking most of the people posting to the news blogs don't even have an iPhone 4 but would rather just be attention seeking whores...