Not too long ago I got kind of bored of Engadget and TUAW and went out looking for some more gadget/tech news sites. I realize most of these things are technically still just "blogs" ... but is it so much to ask to try to have a little professionalism and integrity in your stories?

Maybe all of the commotion of the iPhone 4 is just too much for some people to handle. But now I'm on the search for more tech/gadget news sources as two of my new ones are really letting me down lately.

The first one is more of a "why would you bother publishing that" story... I mean, besides the headline and clicks? It comes to us from Mashable... which I have actually grown to like considering my usage and activity level with Social Media in general. But this story... wow.

Headline: iPhone 4: 1.5 Million Sold on First Day [REPORT]

This is ... just awesome:

While no one knows the exact number at this point, Oppenheimer’s Yair Reiner decided to try his hand at some iPhone 4 math. According to his calculations in a note to clients issued Friday, Apple sold 1.5 million phones on launch day.

We know that 600,000 units have been pre-ordered. Reiner estimates that 100,000 additional, non-reserved units were sold at Apple stores and that 50,000 were sold at Best Buy. He multiplied the final number by two to include international sales.

Wait, what? What was that last part again? We know the 600k is legit (per Apple/AT&T). Where did the 100k come from? A hat? The 50k likely from the same hat? Or perhaps the sleeve of a jacket? And then to just randomly double the final number and call that the total phones sold? What the fuck?

The accuracy of the number aside for a second, why would you print this and call it a "report"? It should have the headline iPhone 4: Maybe 1.5 Million Sold on First Day [TOTALLY RANDOM GUESS].

The other story... wow. This is where professionalism and journalistic integrity come into play. I can accept a site's bias to one brand/manufacturer/device/whatever over another... but this story is seriously just hate-mongering garbage. Total trash.

Headline: Apple's callous response to iPhone 4 defect matched only by its fanboys' blind dedication

Wow... sensationalize much? Really though, why not just call all iPhone users fags while you're at it? Just get it all out there. I'm not going to bother quoting any of the post (but you should go read all of it). Basically it's something that belongs on someone's personal LiveJournal or Blogspot blog. That is the quality of the writing and the flame-baiting content talking. I'll admit my preference to Apple first and foremost and accept that I may have some fanboy-ish tendencies... but that article is a whole other world.

I can understand the idea of the article without much trouble; call out Apple for their (less than adequate) response to the "antenna issues." But have some damn tact. Don't just write as if you're ranting to your Android loving friend. Try having a LITTLE neutrality in your writing. My comment on the story pretty much sums up my argument against the post, and it is as concise as I can make it. You should go read that too.

For me to now look at anything MobileCrunch or TechCrunch writes with any bit of respect is impossible. I am no longer able to take anything on that site seriously. What a waste of bytes.

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ONE COMMENT ON THIS POST To “Respectable News Blogs: Hard to Find”

  • Tomas

    June 25, 2010 at 5:14 pm

    One has to take the personal posts and comments on any blog as, well, “personal posts and comments.” 🙂

    I take all blog sourced info with a grain of sale (some with the entire salt block) and filter them through my own worldview, knowledge, and biases. I would hope that everyone would, but it is obvious that some consider everything they read from some online sources to be the “Absolute Truth.” (That seems especially true in the political arena! Gak!)

    Myself, when I disagree with MG Siegler or Greg Kumparak at MobileCrunch, for example, I let them know, and put my own thoughts in a comment on their blog. I don’t honestly think that they are always correct, and don’t get overly bothered when they are wrong – or when they are less than tactful or even sensationalistic.

    Even when wrong or purposely trying to attract attention, they don’t bother me all that much. They are still a starting point for MY thinking about the information they presented, that I otherwise might not have bothered with.

    Let us know if you find some tech blog that is always right and respectful. I’d like to see it. 🙂