I feel bad for those of you heading out to try and pick up an iPhone in the morning. I certainly wouldn't want to brave those crowds. I couldn't be happier with my preorder.

This phone really is phenomenal too. The screen. The speed. The design. It's all there.

Let's be honest though, you know that already. That's probably why you're going to get one. Even if you're not going to get one (I'm sure you have your reasons) you have to respect the fact that this is an awesome device.

One thing I didn't really think about until today when I was activating mine was what a potential nightmare tomorrow might be for AT&T to activate these tons and tons of new phones people will still be buying. One would guess that was part of the reasoning behind them not holding pre order deliveries for launch day (and why I'm using mine this very evening).

I hope the rest of you are able to enjoy your new toy as much as I am tomorrow without the potential nightmares that may be in store with activation. Good luck and Steve bless you! Hah!

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