Sorry, I just don't consider any sort of scammer (Nigerian or otherwise) an actual organism... but they are evolving none-the-less.

Not too long ago I reported about just another sad attempt of someone trying to scam me out of something on Craigslist. It was a quite sad and pathetic attempt (to me) - though I feel like there are many that would likely follow through with it and lose out...

Anyway, I was again the "victim" of another attempt today... but not from Craigslist.

For those of you that don't know, I currently have my iPhone 3GS on eBay in lieu of receiving my iPhone 4 (later today? please?). One thing you might notice is that these scammers - of any sort - love electronics. They're big targets for these people. Anyway, like I said, I have my iPhone on eBay...

I got an email about it that looked like this...

From: Flora Cole (
To: me (duh)
Subject: Apple iPhone 3GS 16 GB Black iOS 4 - FREE SHIPPING Item number: 180523766658

And yes, that is my actual auction title and listing number... the body of the message was this...


Is this Item still available for sale?


Uh... why yes, it is. Thank you for asking. There are two VERY red flags about this... First, if it is about an auction on eBay, it was not sent via eBay's messaging system (can be verified by logging into eBay and checking your My eBay section for waiting messages). Secondly, the body of the message does not mention anything specific about the "item." This second part is actually something you would also see with the Craigslist scams.

Already knowing what is happening, I decide to get cute... and reply.

Yes it is... which is why the auction is still posted on eBay.

Wait, and ye shall receive.

I'll be so glad to purchase the item from you asap and payment method is via paypal which i believe is fast and secure.i will pay you $320.00 USD for the item including shipment via USPS.Pls Let me know if we can still complete the deal today...Shipping address is below...

Engr J Anthony
150 Oluyemi Avenue Ajaka Makun
Ogun State

Pls get back to me with the total cost of the item including postage via USPS..also include your PayPal account email address...


Now do I actually have to explain how many levels of wrong this is? And how many flags this should immediately throw up for someone? I really hope not. Nigeria? USPS? Paypal? USD? Grammar? The biggest surprise for me is that the email address was the same this time. When this happened before, the reply email from the scammer was from a separate address (even though the name was the same).

So... did I reply? Of course I did! It uh... wasn't polite though. You may want to just close the window now if you may be offended by bad things. No, seriously, this is on another level from most of my other stuff (the last part is anyway). Consider yourselves warned.

I fucking knew it...

How about you pay me "fuck off you stupid scammer" ... and THEN I'll
mail it to you.

Do you think people are still this dumb? You email someone with no
actual mention of the item... not using the eBay messaging service...
and just ask if it is available? What's the matter? Not getting as
many scams from Craigslist anymore and have to use eBay to rip people

Seriously, you people can go fuck yourselves in every hole you have
with a stick of razorblades.

The end!

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  • christy

    November 10, 2010 at 5:29 am

    This very same thing is happening to me right now, I listed my Iphone 3GS on craigslist and when i got the email with the amount they were willing to pay and I saw the address was Nigeria, I got a little suspicious, so I googled the address and thank goodness I did because there is noooooooooooo doubt that this is a scam….I didn’t have quite as good of a reply email as you but I just emailed back and said sorry, Craigslist is supposed to deal locally in order to avoid scams like this one. I am glad for your post, rock on!