...then I don't know who would be.

At the moment I'm referring specifically to this Autoblog article, where the President of Ferrari states that the new teams in F1 should leave F1 and drop down to the lower-rung GP2 series (which is often considered a "feeder" series for drivers looking to get into the top-tier Formula 1).

A little bit of back story here... this past year, the FIA allowed a few new teams to enter Formula 1. Basically 3 new teams - which is a lot to jump into something like this. There was also supposed to be a USF1 team, but that just never came to be.

These new teams have been at the forefront of a LOT of debate this season in F1 as they struggle to get up to speed with the rest of the field. Thing is, it takes LOTS of money and LOTS of time to get on the same level as some of these teams who have been doing this for longer than many of the people involved have been alive. You don't just climb in the ring with the top level teams and throw a knockout in the first round. Just won't happen. So needless to say, these new teams are figuratively and literally not up to speed with the rest of the field. They're doing well with what they're working with and have made tons of progress - but still far off the pace.

This guy at Ferrari, Luca di Montezemolo, now seems to think that these teams should just pack it in and move down a step to the GP2 Series. Why? Because one of the slower drivers "prevented" one of his driver's from gaining position during a recent race. You know what "Luca" ... it's called TRAFFIC. It is in all forms of racing. If your guy couldn't make it around the slower car and lost a position - tough titties. That's the whole point of the sport!

Fuck that guy.

The real motive behind this garbage? To get a 3rd Ferrari car into the F1 series (and presumably a 3rd car for some of the other teams).

Seriously though. This is stupid. Just compare to any of the sports car racing series... Grand-Am, ALMS, etc. They race multiple classes on the track at the same time - with WAY more cars than F1. Hell in ONE class there are more cars than the entire F1 field - but they do it with TWO classes (or sometimes more) on course at the same time - sometimes totally 50 to 60 or even 70 cars. If you think your superstar driver has traffic problems now, try putting him in one of those races.

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