We still don't know how it happened but the three of us travelling to CA were apparently upgraded to first class for the flight home (SFO to PHL). We didn't choose this option but somehow we all got it.

And we are certainly not complaining. Ok, well maybe Andrew is - he ended up sitting next to some strange eastern block/Russian lady who I don't think spoke English. Oh well, at least the seats are nicer and there is actual leg room.

As I type this I have just finished my "breakfast" garden salad with a croisant and yogurt (it sounded like there was a problem getting the meal we were supposed to have, but that's ok). Oh and I'm on my second screwdriver of the flight. Awesome. All of this is of course free in First Class.

No big deal, right? Well big deal for me. I've never been able to choose first class to fly anywhere (and don't anticipate it happening that much in the future). And for this to be a free upgrade (not even from miles I don't think), total win.

That said, I'm almost home. Sort of. At this very moment we are about 3.5 hours away from PHL. Wonder how many more drinks I can get in...