As of this week, my car is officially paid off. There is not even a record of it on the Toyota Financial website anymore - it just shows that my account has been closed and gives me the option to add a new one (ha!).

Now I just have to wait and see what I get in the mail for it. I believe that I should receive either a whole new title or a letter stating that it is paid off (which would allow me to request a new title).

I also plan on checking with Progressive to see if there's anything I need to do with my insurance to indicate that it is now paid off and no longer will have a lien holder (or whatever you would call it).

The goal now is just to keep paying other things down before I decide to make another purchase. I do want another car at this point, but it's just not a good time. That is of course, aside from the fact that I really haven't decided what I want yet. Some day...

Until then, it is quite nice knowing that no one else owns the rights to my car.