Imagine, if you will, a place that serves a never ending supply of the only best meats to your table. Beef, pork, chicken, shrimp, lamb, etc. All brought to you. All the absolute highest quality. And all you can eat.

That place is called Espetus Brazilian Steakhouse and we just had dinner there in San Mateo.

Oh... my... god. Fucking awesome. I don't remember ever eating that much food. Ever. I had it all (except the shrimp). Flank steak. Sirloin, Chicken leg. Bacon wrapped chicken. Pork sausage. Lamb chops. Filet mignon. Beef ribs. Pork tenderloin.

And did I mention they also had fresh grilled pineapple? Best pineapple ever. It seriously felt like it melted inside your mouth. Just amazing.

I almost forgot the dessert. It was called Peanut Butter Thing. Kind of like a peanut butter ice cream cake covered in crushed Oreos. Fantastic.

For real, this was by far the best food we've had while out here... or maybe ever. Words can really not express...