Earlier this week I chronicled our trip to the bay area... at this point, I've been here an entire week. We've been through a lot... and sick enough, the worst may be yet to come.

From Monday to Sunday this week I've worked 68.5 hours (including 3 days with 10+ hours each).

That includes travel time Monday (which I'll get paid holiday pay for) and a LOT of overtime. After some quick math it should be about 90 hours of pay at my hourly rate. And that is just for ONE week. I'll still have another full week from last week on top of that in this upcoming paycheck. Even next week's check will have some overtime in it (travel next Saturday an maybe some overtime during the week).

As for the actual work... let's just say it would be nice if a few things were planned a little better and went a little more smoothly. Sure, you could say that applies for all things... but I think a little more so for some of these.

Tomorrow is the "big day." We've switched systems over this weekend and tomorrow is the day when everyone comes back for the first time. The good version would be everything going smoothly and minimal issues are reported. The likely version is we are just plain swamped all day and no one is happy.

We'll find out in the morning I guess... I know one thing though, I AM EXHAUSTED.