These flights to the west coast kill me. And it's not even that the flights are bad... the day is SOOOO long.

This particular day did not start out too promising. Our first flight to depart at 7:15am Monday morning was delayed. And it wasn't even like a "normal" delay where the crew wasn't ready or we were waiting on someone.

There was a "maintenance issue." This would be OK but apparently there were no maintenance people in the area. The closest was Binghamton. WTF? Can I just ask how in the hell ANY airport operates without a maintenance person at least nearby?

In case you didn't know, Binghamton is probably at least 45 minutes from the Elmira airport. Ya, it was that bad. Things were looking pretty bleak. They were already backing up some connecting flights for people to catch in Philadelphia. We thought we'd be safe since we were initially scheduled to have a 2 hour layover for a 10:10am flight.

Things got pretty close actually. We even went to check on other flights to San Francisco that day. The next available? Wouldn't be until about 2pm from Philly, arriving in SFO after 5pm. We were initially planning on being there at 1:30pm. Four hours later would really fuck with our timetable.

Thankfully at the time that we were asking about the flight, they actually started boarding. We were about an hour late and were still able to get some food. So happy about that.

After a long flight we finally landed in SFO. Grabbed our bags and headed to Avis to pick up the rental.

To be continued (when I get time)...