If there's one thing the internet car world has been patiently waiting for in the past few years, it is the the Toyota FT-86. The design was practically an instant classic. You'd be hard pressed to find anyone that really didn't like it (though they are out there).

The promise of a fairly affordable, fun, good-looking, rear wheel drive coupe was salivating... it would just take time. I honestly can't remember how far back the rumors go. Probably at least 2 or 3 years at this point. The concept debuted some time last year and we were ready.

By "we" I mean the rest of the world that wanted to get their hands on this car. Production version to debut in 2010 was the rumor. On sale at some point in 2011 as a 2012 model was the rumor. Fine. I can accept that. At that time it was still a long ways off so they seemingly had plenty of time to get it rolling and kick things off.

Then there was the recent rumor that they're likely to target a little higher age group and a little higher budget (around $23-$25k). This is fine. I don't give a shit what age group they're targeting and that budget is still on track with what I initially anticipated - if anyone really thought this was going to be just a $20k car, they were mislead from the start or seriously kidding themselves.

Word comes today that there now may be an even longer delay (of up to 2 years!) before this car is ready as they may again be looking at changing the design or considering a hybrid (um... have you not seen the fail that is the CR-Z?). As much of a fail as a design change would probably be, what the fuck is with the delay? What is the big problem with this car? What is holding them up? Sure, this is all rumor... but what the fuck?

It would be much easier if we could just get a straight answer from these people. Are they going to build it? Or are they just fucking around? Two years ago, I wanted this car yesterday. If it were to come out tomorrow, I'd be at the dealer to put a deposit down first thing in the morning.

But now? Fuck that. I'm not waiting another 3 or 4 years to hear that it is going to be delayed again. Fuck you Toyota. You can keep your likely-to-be-watered-down-sissy wagon. Either you release that shit ASAP or I'm out.

The new tC still seems to be fail enough... why fuck this up too?

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