I almost don't want to watch the last episodes of Lost now. I'm worried about how awful they really will be. And that assumption has nothing to do with how awful some of the other episodes have been lately.

Last night I finished watching the American version of Life on Mars. It was originally a British TV show that ran for 2 seasons over there and ended (not canceled, I don't think, just ended). I liked it. The show had a lot going for it. And apparently ABC agreed and decided to make a version for US TV.

So you have an idea what is going on, here's the premise of the show... Sam Tyler is a detective that lives in 2009 (in the US version) and gets hit by a car. You are led to believe that he is in a coma in 2009 but somehow wakes up in 1973 as a detective in the same city (London for the BBC version and NY for the ABC version). The whole time he's there he's trying to figure out how to get "home" while adjusting to live nearly 30 years in the past.

ABC apparently liked the BBC version so much they decided to copy almost EVERYTHING from it. All of the characters were basically the same and had the same demeanor. Even almost all of the episodes were a direct rip of the BBC version (this made it suck already).

Back to that ending thing... in the BBC show, Sam eventually finds some way "home" and returns to 2007 or whatever year the BBC one was set in. Except, he finds that it just doesn't feel the same and he wants to go back to 1973. So he thinks he can force himself back there by jumping off of a roof (maybe trying to get into another coma?). It works and he returns to 1973 and presumably lives out the rest of his "life" there. It made sense. He realized that it was better to try to live in 1973 than try to escape it. Everyone was happy.

ABC however... just wanted to fuck everyone in the ass apparently.

The show only lasted one season... and they must have found out pretty late in the game that it wasn't going to last. So nothing really happens until the final episode. ABC's ending? Oh, it was all some hyperspace travel "dream" as these main characters are all some sort of astronauts on their way to Mars. They just "wake up" on their space ship and the whole thing was a "program" from the ship to keep them occupied during the journey. All of the names and characters from the show were either other space travelers or parts of the ship or names of stuff in their "mission" or something. WHAT THE FUCK?

FUCK THAT. That has to be 5000 times worse than Family Guy's "simulation" of Stewie killing Lois. I hate you ABC. So much. Thanks for ruining a decent show for me. If you fuck up Lost this bad (more than you already have), I'll never forgive you.

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  • Chris Thompson

    May 19, 2010 at 9:17 am

    Content of the show aside, I saw last night during Lost that they’re inviting Verizon Wireless users to send “farewell messages” that will be shown during the finale. That’s exactly what I was hoping they’d do, crap up the screen with more ads while I’m trying to watch the end of one of the best series of all time. Yep, I’m in love with ABC today, too.