For those of you that have not been paying attention (or don't follow me on Twitter), the Glen Region hosted their second Solo event of the 2010 season yesterday (the first that I have been able to attend). The event was held at our largest available venue, the Seneca Army Depot airstrip. We typically expect fast, fun, and tricky courses here. Yesterday did not disappoint.

Jen and I both went up and both raced. The weather was perfect - and when I say perfect when referring to "the depot," that is a very difficult thing to come by. In the last 3 or 4 years I've attended events up there, I really don't recall a day this nice. We either get bitter cold and windy, rainy and overcast, or blistering heat and sun. Yesterday was none of this and it was awesome.

The course was setup to be fast, mostly smooth, and a lot of fun. It felt like one of the longest courses we've ever done. The paddock area was practically backed up to the entrance! We ended up with just under 70 cars I believe... which is a good number for that event. It gets crowded and frustrating sometimes when we approach 85 or 90... but anything less than 50 would have been disappointing for such a large venue. I think we really hit the sweet spot. And save for a few minor issues getting going and with the computer, we easily got 6 runs in and could have pushed for another if we had just a little bit of extra time.

Regardless it was a good day. Jen brought up the rear in the HS class (3 or 4 cars I think) in her Scion xD - but improved quite a bit on the day. She's definitely improving and the only thing that can further that even more would be attending more events! I ended up taking 2nd in ST out of 6 cars. First place was far out of reach (damn you Weaver!) so the rest of us were racing for 2nd. Thankfully I irked it out by a mere 0.106 seconds!

I have pictures and videos to share as well (my videos below)...

Best Run

All Runs

Hopefully I feel up to attending the next event after I return from 2 weeks in CA. That will be Sunday 6/13 at the Arnot Mall - one of our best spectator locations! Come out and watch!

EDIT: Added results link to list above.

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