Unless you've been not living for the past... forever... you've heard all of the cries of Facebook's lack of regard to user privacy. Be it making all of your information public by default or sharing all of you data with 3rd parties because they can, Facebook doesn't care about you.

Do I have an account? Sure do... though I'm thinking that will soon change. I don't care who is on there - why do I need to be? What has Facebook done for me that I have not been able to do anywhere else?

Nothing. That's what. I don't have 1500 friends on FB (why would I want to). I don't play the stupid games (Farmville? Really?). I have literally found zero use for the "service" since I joined. Frankly I don't see why so many people love it so much. I just don't get it I suppose.

Though I was in a similar position with Twitter not long ago. Just not "getting it" with regards to a purpose for it. I soon found a way for it to be moderately useful though... and still use it today. Facebook on the other hand... I have found no use for.

I realize I'm mixing Facebook's lack of usefulness and privacy concerns here, but why don't you Google "facebook privacy issues" or anything like that and see what comes up. See just how many stories there are. See what they're doing with your data. Here, I'll get you started...

I'm not asking for someone to start a Facebook group to get people to leave Facebook (though a part of me believes it would not be the first). But I hope people at least start to question what FB is really doing with all of your stuff. I know some people practically live through FB (I know, what would a world be without it?)... but some day, I think you'll regret that.

Back to the title of this post... what will it take? I want to believe that some people have at least heard of the privacy concerns being brought up. Even the most hardcore FB person has to stop and think about it, right? But there's certainly no signs of it slowing (that I've seen). It feels more uncommon for someone to NOT have a FB profile. That doesn't seem right. So... what needs to happen? What would make people jump ship? For me? Just being sick of FB in general. I'm nearly through.

This will likely be the last story that I push to my Facebook wall. The Wordbook and Like plugins will soon be removed from my site. My Facebook profile may soon not even exist... oh the humanity.

Oh the privacy.

UPDATE: If you want to actually DELETE your Facebook account (not "deactivate" like they want you to), CLICK HERE.

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