Dear Movie Studios,

If I buy or rent a movie, be it DVD or BluRay, why must I be bombarded with stupid previews that I don't want to see?

I can understand it at the theater. Fine. That's how people find out about the absolute latest movies and future movies. The previews on discs are for old things. Who cares? I got the disc because I wanted to watch the MOVIE. Not the stupid shit before the movie that you want to shove down people's throats. I just want to sit down and turn the movie on. Not sit down, turn the previews on and get bored after 10 minutes of shit.

Normally I can deal with this. I just hit Menu and skip through them all. Then that feature was disabled on almost everything. So then I could press the Next Chapter (or skip) button at least through most of them and get to the menu fairly quickly. Today, I found a new low.

Received Where the Wild Things Are from Netflix and popped it in. Tried Menu to skip the Blu-Ray ad that came on. Fail. Tried the Top Menu button (sometimes that works with Blu-Ray, not an option for DVD). Fail. Tried the Next Chapter/Skip button. Fail. Wait... what? In all the discs I've had, I have NEVER had that be a problem. EVER. Apparently they have reached a new low.

And while we're talking about previews... can someone explain to me why there are advertisements for Blu-Ray on Blu-Ray discs? Newsflash: If I got a Blu-Ray movie to watch, I ALREADY HAVE BLU-RAY! You don't have to tell me how awesome it is, I already know. Stop wasting my time.

Speaking of movie studios, stop fucking over Netflix. I pay for Netflix to watch movies when I want to watch them. Not for them to pay you and for you to fuck them over by making them wait another month for new releases which then fucks me over waiting for new releases. It takes long enough to get a new disc from them as it is without having a fabricated waiting period because you wanted more money.

In closing, I'd just like to say that you suck. All of you. I hate you.

(ok, i'm done. back to the movie)

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