When this car was announced, even I could have predicted its failure. It LOOKS like a Corolla; is actually even smaller than a Corolla in many dimensions; and only gets 9mpg better city gas mileage (and even 1 less on the highway).


It was all kind of confirmed that things are not going to planned when they admitted they were far from their sales targets so far this year. Their targets? 20,000 to 22,000 per year. Current pace? About 14,000 per year.

It is quite obvious that they just tried to bank on the current "green" trend by slapping a hybrid system in something that strongly resembles a Corolla (though has little to no direct ties to one). Problem is, even though a Lexus, and labeled a "hybrid" ... it costs more TWICE the base price of a new Corolla ($34k+ for the HS vs $15k+ for the Corolla). Ya, ya, you get a bit more with the Lexus. It may be a bit more refined... but not THAT much more. Even if you want a hybrid, the Prius starts just under $23k.

Why would anyone pay $11k more for 15mpg LESS than a Prius just because it has a Lexus badge? Even most rich people aren't that stupid. A Prius is a Prius and by most accounts, still the "green" status symbol for many people. This... this is just a failure.

Hopefully the CT 200h doesn't follow in its tiretracks...

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