This is normally the time of year I'd be all excited that autox season has started. But I'm not. I'm too busy.

The first Glen Region event was this past Sunday at The Shops at Ithaca Mall and I missed it. That was for good reason though - was coming home from Chad & Pam's wedding. Their wedding > autox.

I also have a fancy new DG-Spec rear sway bar to install at some point. It is currently sitting on the floor in our dining room. I'd like to find time to do that soon - as the next autox event (and the one I think I might be able to go to) will be next Sunday (5/16) at the Seneca Army Depot.

After that though, I don't know... the third event is scheduled for 6/13 at the Arnot Mall but I'll be returning from 2 weeks in CA the day before that. So it may depend on what time I actually get home that Saturday. I really like running the Arnot Mall events though... gives people a chance to watch and occasionally a small, tight course can be a lot of fun. Hopefully I'm not totally jet-lagged and can make it.

There's also an event in July that I may miss as I'll be returning from 2 weeks in Salt Lake City at that point. Again, will depend on when I get home and how I feel after a full day in and out of airports. So far it is looking iffy that I'll even have enough events to contend for the ST season championship. Who knows...

I almost need a few days to just slow down and breathe... but then I remember I have some shit to do.

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