@autoweekracing posted a link to this story earlier today. You can go read it for yourself here.

It boils down to this... the IRL (Indy Racing League) has decided to crown two separate season champions. One for oval courses and one for road/street courses. And from the sounds of it, that would be in addition to the overall points champion.

WTF? WHY would you do this?

If you want to do it that way, why not separate the league entirely? Is not the point of the overall champion to be the best in that series, period? This makes no sense to me.

If they simply said they were going to start giving an award for the best road course driver of the year and the best oval driver of the year - to me that sounds different. That's like giving an award for most pole position starts through the year. No big deal. Good job, here's a little bonus money.

The way they make it sound, I feel like they're really running two different series and then for fun crown a  combined champ at the very end. What happened to having to be a balanced driver? Good on any type of circuit? Most consistent? The focus needs to be on the overall performance - not on one type of course or the other.

The consistency part reminds me a little of Formula 1 when they changed the points denominations for this year to try to reward a driver more for winning races than being consistent. Because in some of the past years, the driver that won the championship did not necessarily have the most wins in the season. Ya, well, someone reran the new points scheme for previous seasons and nothing changed. Good job. You changed nothing.

But I digress... Apparently you only need to be good at certain types of courses to be the "champion" in IRL. Lame. Good job IRL. You just made me even less interested in your sport.