There are likely tourist destinations of some sort near everyone. Be it some monument, memorial, museum or other sort of venue... most places have something.

But unfortunately many locals seem to avoid these types of places. Why would you want to mix with the regular tourists and have them ruin your day? This is actually a bit of a problem, as I'll explain in a bit...

On Saturday, Jen and I decided to do some tourist things around Corning. Specifically we were going to hit up the two local museums for something to do. First stop was the Rockwell Museum of Western Art. This place is very "Native American" ... as you could imagine. A lot of stuff inspired by and made by Native Americans of all types. Sculptures, paintings, tools, pottery, you name it. There was even a collection of rifles used in the old west.

Delbert Buck - Giraffe Rider

Giraffe Rider

I'm not a huge art person (or museum person, for that matter) but a lot of the stuff was pretty cool. Especially the real artifacts. Most of the paintings don't do too much for me. I mean, they're nice and all... but I'm just like "ooh, a landscape." There was one particular artist that did catch my eye though. Delbert Buck. He apparently makes Navajo inspired folk art sculptures. One of them in particular was an Indian riding a chicken (next to an Indian riding a Zebra). It was pretty cool looking. Another example is the one to the right of an Indian riding a giraffe. Awesome.

It didn't take us too long to go through the three floors of the Rockwell... but we didn't really stand and stare at too many of the paintings. We still were able to take it all in though. Cool place. Funny though that my aunt has worked there for years and I'm just now going to visit and have a look around. Go figure.

Glass Fruit Bowl

Glass Fruit Bowl

The other museum on our agenda was the Corning Museum of Glass. Apparently this place is pretty famous. We live here... so um, I guess we don't notice. I can tell you though that there are some AWESOME pieces of glass in this place. There were quite a few sculptures and pieces of art that I would love to have in my house. Not that I know what I'd do with them, but there is a crazy variety of work. Anything from a giant bowl of "fruit" to the Glassigator. Yes... an alligator made of glass... how can you go wrong there?

My only problem with CMOG is the tourists. And it's not that tourists are bad... but these ones... wow. The ones that came on buses here are usually mostly Asian or Middle Eastern of some sort. The Asians this particular day happened to be some of the most annoying, inconsiderate, and pushy people I've EVER seen. Even as we tried to enter the museum, some lady was practically knocking Jen over with her stroller trying to get in the door. Then as we were going into the Hot Glass Show, they were crowding all around us going in the door and just cutting in line. Even IN the glass show they were pushing us back and forth on the railing. It was insane. Worst of all, when we were going to check out in the gift shop, in line, some little Asian lady tried to cut right in front of us. She had apparently found a necklace she wanted and basically stepped right in front of me and held up the necklace to the cashier in a sort of "me want to buy this" way. The lady just looked at her and was like "I'm sorry, he's next..." pointing to me.

I don't even mean to sound racist here, but this was just absurd. What happened to being polite and considerate? Being in an unfamiliar place and visiting something is no excuse for not having any manners. It was really quite annoying. Thankfully the Rockwell was basically dead so we didn't have to worry about anyone pushing us around - but the crowd of people at CMOG was way more annoying to wade through. Would that deter us from going back? Probably not... but I just hope to pick a better time of day next time.