So there was a post on Craigslist about a Scion tC bumper for sale (it was new). Mine has taken a little bit of abuse over the last 5 yrs (holy crap!) and I have contemplated replacing it in the last year or so. One or two major tabs are broken off, so it wouldn't really just be a quick repaint. A replacement sounded a lot better.

Anyway... I emailed about it. Asked for a couple more pics, asked for the actual location (since it was posted on another city's site) and also asked if it was OEM or not. Just kind of some basic questions and info gathering. I don't even know if I have the money at the moment to get a new bumper - but this was intriguing enough for me to ask about it. I used paragraphs, punctuation, a greeting... it was informal, yet polite.

I guess you could say the reply was short and sweet.

see the attached pictures.
It is aftermarket, OEM style.

How much can you pay for it?

Can you meet me tomorrow in < city name here >?

What's your phone number?

Whooaaa... I can certainly appreciate some enthusiasm... but damn. Slow down. Now, I can't meet you in your city tomorrow, I have this thing called a job. And quite frankly, based on this reply, you would NOT be the kind of person I'd want to give my phone number too.

Look people... Craigslist is cool. It helps people to sell a lot of things that would otherwise be junk and/or gathering dust. But when communicating with people about potential sales, use some common sense. Pretend you're having an actual conversation. Don't come across too eager to sell or really anxious. You may need to sell immediately for whatever reason - but just casually mention that. Don't try to force your item down the other person's throat.

Sadly, I have to say that I will not be contacting this person back. I feel a bit put off by the reply (as well-intentioned as it may have been). But just a word of warning to potential CL sellers out there... go easy on your customers... don't jump right in and scare them away.

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